Kwikclick gives consumers the power to earn instantly by sharing the products they already know and love.


Setting up your Kwikclick store takes less than 15 minutes! Kwikclick can be your main storefront, or a supplement to your other E-commerce channels

Add products to your Kwikclick store, set prices, SKUs, and Kwikcash commission values

No monthly or set-up fees, your only costs are the commission fees that you set


Reward your customers with untapped commissions when they share your products with their friends or followers

Unlike traditional affiliate platforms, your sharers are your actual customers

With our patented “Chains” technology your customers can be rewarded for all sales that are connected to their original Kwiklink. So when they share their links with friends, they will continue to earn when their friends decide to share their Kwiklinks as well


Kwikclick offers best in class shopper analytics, allowing you to learn about your customers just like they were shopping on your own site

Kwikclick automates all commissions payments and trackin for you

Use your Kwikclick dashboard to track campaigns and evaluate influencer performance in real-time