How it

Experience the power of exponential earning with "waves" by sharing products you already know and love!


Purchase items on Kwikclick using unique codes from friends and influencers to get access to special promotions

Shop for new and familiar brands on the Kwikclick marketplace

Use one of 5 different payment methods, or buy products using your Kwikcash balance


With each purchase you will receive your own unique Kwiklink that you can share with friends, family, or your following

Share your links via text, social media, or the Kwikclick social feed

Many links will include special discounts that can only be found on Kwikclick


Each new purchase made from one of your Kwiklinks will reward you with the Kwikcash value of that product

When someone purchases from your Kwiklink, they can now become sharers as well

Each purchase made from their link will reward both of you Kwikcash (they earn the full Kwikcash value, and you earn ½)

You continue to get paid for each purchase made, with the Kwikcash value halving for each “Wave”, the earning potential is unlimited